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Listen to "I Wanna Know You", my debut single :)

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

There's more going on underneath what one might mistake as just an uplifting, queer, retro pop number...

With it's really cool production, made possible by the amazing Mathieu Garcia at Red Sand Studio, there are many FUN elements in my song to love: the 80s synths; the catchy chorus; the draggy rap breakdown; the kazoo solo that's been processed through an analog synthesizer to the point where it sounds nothing like a kazoo anymore XD.And yet, there's something else going on here...

I Wanna Know You is a song about connection. Underneath the fun retro pop vibes is a genuine desire to unite with people, the planet, with everything; To disrupt the status quo of growing division and separateness.

"let's set this poisoned state ablaze, and from this blackened earth grow a new fate, one that's wide awake..."

When I sing the words 'I Wanna Know You,' it is undoubtedly coming from a place of fun and of joy; simultaneously however, It's also coming from a deep sense of yearning --a call for our human collective to elevate: to love in abundance, to grow together and to find common ground...

It may be idealistic thinking, but I do truly believe that we can, and will, do better..."

Let me know what YOU think

I love that you took a few minutes out of your day to read this post. Thank you for that. I would love hear what you think about the song --If it hit you in some type of way. Feel free to comment below or link up with me on instagram @queenbayard --that's where I most often play these days.

Find me on Spotify if you've got it :)

If you dig my song and you've got spotify, go follow Queen Bayard there, save "I Wanna Know You" to your faves and add it to any playlists you see fit :) This is a great thing to do if you wanna support any of your indie artist friends!

OTHER LINKS to the song: Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, BandCamp, Soundcloud :)

Thanks for stopping by --have an awesome day!

~Queen Bayard xo

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