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An Evening With Queen Bayard

Experience the magic of Queen Bayard with her original cabaret, 'An Evening with Queen Bayard'. Packed with melodramatic joy, personal stories and a diverse range of songs, this evening of dramatics is sure to fill your heart. The show premiered in Manchester on October 7th, 2023 at the Edge Theatre to a sold-out house and shortly traveled down to the prestigious Crazy Coqs in London on October 18th 2023 where it made an absolute splash.


a bit more about the show...

An origin story of sorts, this cabaret is divided into two halves. In the first we meet Bayard who, still fabulous, presents in a more "masculine" costume sans wig and tells us that Queen Bayard will be joining us after the interval.

What unfolds is Bayard's charming personal story packed with wit and songs to delight and get the audience involved. Bayard takes us through their childhood and how they came to be who they are --by way of a quest for freedom and true love (the kind that you'd find in a romantic comedy starring Drew Barrymore).


In the second half we meet Queen Bayard who eludes to us that she may be the "evil twin" of Bayard (everyone has one within). Hardly evil we discover her comedy and content is a bit more geared toward an adult audience with stories and songs touching on marriage, sex and open relationships without falling into vulgarity or seeking to make the audience uncomfortable.

The show finishes with just as much love and heart as it began.


Queen Bayard does what any cabaret artist does best: makes you feel welcome, dazzles you, includes you and leaves you empowered, impacted and your heart full. A world class entertainer, storyteller and singer.


If you are a venue, promoter or producer interested in learning more about this show don't be shy --reach out! The team is looking to tour in 2024.

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